Running Tips from Team Roxoa

With the Great North Run just around the corner, everyone at Team Roxoa has been sharing their number one running tips. Whether you’re just starting out, you’re a Park Run regular or you’re taking part in the UK’s best half marathon, try these top tips to keep you running at your best. 

Focus on your technique

Managing Director, Matt, is no stranger to pounding the pavements. Taking part in this year’s Great North Run for Marie Curie, he recommends making sure to count your breaths on your foot falls or to focus on your technique when running. Make a mental checklist for your technique and make sure you’re relaxing your hands, keeping your head held high and your shoulders down and relaxed.

Managing Director, Matt, running The Great North Run 2018


Social Media and PR Manager, Lou, recommends you make sure to stretch before and after your run. Taking 10 to 15 minutes to stretch and warm up will mean you’re ready to perform your best and prevent you from developing any injuries during or after. 

Find your running soundtrack 

Digital Marketing Executive, Nat, suggests making a great playlist to accompany your run. Fill it with all your favourite tracks to get you pumped up and keep you feeling motivated.

Digital Marketing Manager, Nat, & partner, David, running The Race For Life 2019

Set realistic goals 

Sales Director, David, suggests making yourself monthly goals and sticking to them as best as you can. There are some great ways to incentivise and track your goals with just a few clicks.  We love If This Then That’s feature to put money away when you hit your daily step goal with Fitbit. Getting fit and saving money is a double win!

Couch to 5k

Copywriting and PR Manager, Sarah-Jayne, swears by Couch to 5K to get you run ready. The simple running plans and complementary app will keep you on track and build up your running stamina before you know it.

Copywriting & PR Executive, Sarah-Jayne, running The Great North Run 2018