Product Update at Gold Boutique

We all love a refresh at some point, and our stores are no different! Towards the back end of 2023, we introduced a product refresh to Gold Boutique by adding hundreds of new, beautiful jewellery pieces that are absolute must-haves. 

A lot of research and fine-tuning went into adding these new designs as we had to ensure that they were undeniably Gold Boutique standard. As a result of this, we have introduced unmissable products as part of the Gold Boutique collection. This product refresh has also introduced brand new categories and sub categories to streamline the customer’s experience when deciding on their next perfect piece, including nautical, animal and celestial collections that Gold Boutique customers will adore. 

For those who love wearing pendants that represent their favourite animals and pets, the product refresh has introduced a whole new array of pendants including the bulldog head necklace along with the origami elephant necklace which has instantly become a best seller. By bringing a larger range of products, we hope our products will be treasured by a wider demographic of customers.

At Gold Boutique, we pride ourselves in the variety we offer our customers, from personal animal pendants to delicate gemstone rings. We offer jewellery in sterling silver designs along with pieces in yellow, rose, and white gold that are ideal for all budgets. 

These new products have become favourites for the Roxoa team. Here are some of the products we are loving right now at Gold Boutique:

Emma Simpson – Senior Marketing Executive

Maddy Fisher – Social Media Executive

Jacob Husbands – SEO & Content Executive

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