Our Pick of the Most Inspiring Workplaces

The average person  will work over 3,500 days in their lifetime, which is why it’s so important to provide a work space that is healthy, happy and comfortable. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the Roxoa offices, whether its table football or comfy beanbags to chill out.  We’ve scoured the web for some of the most unique and inspiring work spaces across the world to give you fresh ideas to revamp your work space.

Comvert, Milan

After converting a former movie theatre into their main HQ, it seems only fitting that Italian skateboarding brand Comvert included a skateboarding bowl as part of their redesign. Incorporating a flagship store, warehouse and offices, this unique feature is suspended above storage space so staff and visitors can try the latest products on site.

Zappos, Las Vegas

Las Vegas based online shoe retailer is famous for its strong corporate values, which puts its employees’ happiness and well-being at the centre of its campus culture. With hammocks, break out spaces, mini golf and more, this weird and wonderful space is the perfect example of a non-traditional office in action!

Bumble, Austin

Bumble’s HQ in Austin Texas is the perfect example of a lifestyle focused space that feels like home. Incorporating the dating apps key themes, the hexagonal walls and bright yellow interiors exude happiness and encourages creativity, empowerment and collaboration.

Spotify, Stockholm

Dedicated to innovation and creativity, streaming service, Spotify, is sleek and modern yet welcoming. With a theatre room, karaoke room and recording studio they have provided the perfect space for employees to come together and collaborate.

Loosedays, Newcastle

This cool space is right on our doorstep! Event brand Loosedays recently unveiled its new HQ which incorporates the company’s young and innovative take on all things nightlife. With motivational quotes on the walls, a “war room” for outlining important strategy and fresh greenery they’ve nailed office cool.

Pallotta Teamworks

Charity event company, Pallotta Teamworks’ limited budget meant that a creative strategy had to be put into place for this unique work space. Using shipping containers within a large warehouse space, this bright, one of a kind office was created.

Airbnb, San Francisco

Expanding on its existing HQ in San Francisco, Airbnb’s new office space is unique but homely. Each floor is split into cities, with the design in keeping. Using a neighbourhood theme, each team has its own unique space.