Christmas at Roxoa

It’s been a very busy 2023 at Roxoa, with many milestones hit including the introduction of Bail & Stone, and the announcement of becoming a supplier of jewellery brands such as Lacoste and Olivia Burton. As we approach 2024, we’re busier than ever with supplying beautiful jewellery but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the holiday season.

This year, we decided to show off what life at Roxoa is like, and the fun that comes with it. We’re a positive, energetic workplace and what better way to show it in the form of TikToks?

Decorating the tree

There’s only one way to start Christmas, and that’s with the Roxoa Christmas tree! The Roxoa marketing helpers, Maddy and Erin, were in charge of adding the first touch of festive fun to the office by decorating the Christmas tree. 

This year we went for a traditional tree with the Roxoa colours throughout (our Design team should be proud!) And of course we had to add some Christmas crackers too, can’t beat those paper hats and awful (great) jokes included inside. We asked Maddy Fisher, our social media executive to share her favourite Christmas cracker joke with us:

“What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?”

“A Christmas quacker!”

Awful or part of the Christmas spirit? We’ll let you decide!

@roxoagroup Christmas is here ❄️🎄 #roxoagroup #christmastree #treedecoration #officechristmas ♬ original sound – 𝑵𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑺𝑳𝑼𝑽𝑹❦

Christmas Jumper Day

The first week in December can only mean one thing – Christmas Jumper Day! As we do every year, the office got involved and wore some beautiful, festive garms (as well as some unconventional styles). From Emma’s Rudolph inspired fit to Pete’s Australian Christmas suit, there were some major contenders for outfit of the day. We’ve included some of our favourites below! 

Christmas Jumper Day is an important day in the Christmas calendar, not just for getting into the festive spirit but also to raise awareness for Save the Children, a charity that aims to help children who face issues from issues such as war, hunger, and poverty.

Secret Santa

It’s not Christmas until Santa flies in, and Secret Santa was kind to all the Roxoa staff this year. As part of the office Christmas tradition, a number of the staff participated in Secret Santa and gifted a whole mixture of presents, from the practical (Jacob’s power bank), the tasty (Emma’s chocolate), to the outright silly (Erin’s rude word search). We had a lot of fun doing this, and it’s great to see the smiles on the staff’s faces when opening their presents.

@roxoagroup Roxoa does Secret Santa🎅 #roxoa #officelife #secretsanta #workparty ♬ merry xmas – pma

The Roxoa Christmassy Buffet Lunch

Last, but undoubtedly not least – it’s the annual Roxoa Christmassy buffet lunch! There’s nothing that screams Christmas more than the food, and we ate as much as we could handle. For those who love a picky tea, you would love our spread. From classic pigs in blankets to pizza slices, there was food for everyone. 

@roxoagroup A yearly tradition, we enjoyed a team feast to get everyone ready for Christmas🫶 #worklife #roxoagroup #workchristmas #christmasdinner #officelife #officevibes #workfriends #officechristmasparty ♬ underneath the tree – c ❣️

As we move into the new year, the team at Roxoa want to wish everyone a happy Christmas, and we hope that 2024 is an even better year than the last!

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