Behind the Scenes on a Roxoa Ecommerce Photoshoot

A lot of work goes into our beautiful brands and their websites. To ensure that they stay fresh and appealing, we invest in having the latest ecommerce product photography so that our customers know exactly what they are buying. We make sure we use a variety of models that represent different ethnicities, age ranges and skin textures so all customers can visualise the products in different ways. We invest our time and expertise into our e-commerce photoshoots, and the final images are the result of all this commitment and effort. 

Our experienced photoshoot team plan meticulously so that every detail and timing is to perfection. We shoot a vast amount of products, so we have to make sure that each product gets an opportunity to be shot. 

Time to pull back the curtain and show a glimpse into what happens behind our stunning product shots.

The Final Results

From studio to website, these are the final images that our customers see on site as a result of our ecommerce photoshoots.

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We had a busy week last week with two ecom shoots for our four stores! Hope you’re excited for the final results 👀 #roxoa #models #behindthescenes #photoshoot #ecom #ecomshoot #jewellery #photoshootday #onset #dayinthelife #marketing #girlsinmarketing #ukmodel #arianagrande #wecantbefriends

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